W L T 6

Lock bases, hold attks

Pro feature

Lock a base from being called. Hold attacks until later in war.


If you want advanced base locking and attack management, you need this feature. In high level wars, many war generals like to manage exactly how bases are attacked in order to optimize success. This feature gives the war general control on which bases can be called, who they can be called by, and how long the the base is locked from calling. You can also hold attacks thereby directing when a user can call and use their attack(s).

Basic locking and unlocking

Available to everyone, for free

For simple scenarios, a war general can lock a base and it stays locked until it is unlocked.

Lock base #3 from being called
!wm lock 3
Unlock base #3
!wm unlock 3

View locked bases

The bases that are locked should show a 🔒 emoji with the !wm bases command. However, you can get more details like who is allowed/disallowed to hit, and the time-frame using the following command:

Detail locked bases
!wm locked

Locking multiple bases

Lock all townhall 10 bases
!wm lock TH10
Lock multiple bases by rank
!wm lock 3-7,10
Unlock all townhall 10 bases
!wm unlock TH10

Auto-locking tough bases

Automatically lock any base with 4 attempts
!wm lock any with 4
Automatically lock 9s for 9s with 3 attempts
!wm lock TH9 -TH9 with 3

Controlling attacker targets

Lock 10s, but allow 11s to attack
!wm lock TH10 +TH11
Lock 10s, but allow top 2 to attack
!wm lock TH10 +1,2
Lock top base, but allow 5 thru 7 to attack it
!wm lock 1 +5-7
Lock 10s, but only for 10s
!wm lock TH10 -TH10

Setting a time-range

You can lock bases temporarily and have them unlock automatically, either for a duration or for the beginning or end of war.

Lock base #5 and #8 for next 4 hours
!wm lock 5,8 for 4h
Lock 11s during 22nd and 23rd hours of war
!wm lock TH11 during 22h-23h
Only allows 9s to attack 9s for first 12 hours
!wm lock TH9 +TH9 first 12h
Restrict 11s from attacking 11s for last 2 hours
!wm lock TH11 -TH11 last 2h
Required permission

A user must have access to the "War Lock Hold" permission to utilize this feature. By default, owners have this permission.

Holding attacks until later

You can prevent your clanmates from calling/attacking until a specified time in war.

11s hold both attacks until last 4 hours of war
!wm hold both TH11 until 4h
!wm hold both TH11 first 20h
!wm hold both TH11 during 0h-20h
Have 8 and 10 hold next attack during first half war
!wm hold next 8,10 first 12h

View holds

The attackers being held should show a ✋ emoji with the !wm lineup command. However, you can get more details such as time ranges and if both or next attack is held with the following command:

Detail holds
!wm holds