W L T 6

Fast attack refresh

Pro feature

Load war attack data much faster, usually within 10 minutes.


If you want your attack data updated as fast as possible, you need this feature. Otherwise your clan members will responsible for keeping attack data current.

Note: all league matches automatically have fast attack refresh enabled

Without this feature, we still update your war at least every 8 hours and at the end of war.

This feature only works if you opt-in to auto war data. Please see auto war data docs for more information.

Why is this a pro feature?

This feature puts a large amount of stress on our servers as we pull the data from supercell as fast as possible. During the beta, we took many steps to optimize this process. However, in order to continue to grow availability we've made it a pro feature.

Do I need to upgrade if I'm in a league?

No, all league matches automatically get fast attack refreshing.

However, if you want non-league matches to update fast, then yes, please purchase the feature.