W L T 6

Bot Commands

updated 03/22/2017

Getting started

First, identify yourself using your in-game village name
!wm identify chief
Check your profile and update gold weight
!wm profile
!wm $71
Check marching orders for current war
!wm march
!wm march th10
Check bases/calls for the current war
!wm bases
!wm bases th10
Find an open base for the current war
!wm open
!wm open th10
Call enemy base #11
!wm call 11
!wm c11
Log your 3-star attack on base #9
!wm a9 3
Log your attack on base #6 that was 2-star 88%
!wm a6 2 88
Log into the website
!wm login
!wm code ABC123

Match commands

View scheduled matches
!wm calendar
Opt-in to a scheduled match poll
!wm nov11 in
View lineup for scheduled match
!wm nov11 lineup

General commands

Get link to these wmbot commands
!wm help
!wm commands
Force wmbot to refresh member list from API
!wm refresh
Show the village(s) you are already associated with
!wm identify
Identify your village by tag or name
!wm identify #YRGQUYR2
!wm identify bob lawbla
Change your primary village
!wm primary #ABCDEFG
See all the wars you are in (all clans)
!wm wars
Get code so you can login to the website
!wm login
Provide code so you are logged into website
!wm code 12345

Profile commands

Check your profile
!wm profile
Update your legacy/fake tag to your in-game tag
Update your war weight
!wm $83

Clan commands

List active war members
!wm list
!wm list recent
Alternate list commands
!wm list name
!wm list new
!wm list weight
!wm list score
!wm list stars
!wm list 3star
!wm list fresh
!wm list cleanup
!wm list def
!wm list sixers
!wm list sixpacks
!wm list strikes
!wm list idle
!wm list owners
!wm list editors
!wm list guest
!wm list tryout
!wm list onbreak
!wm list banned
!wm list inactive
!wm list th6
!wm list th7
!wm list th8
!wm list th9
!wm list th10
!wm list th11
!wm list th12
!wm list th13
!wm list th14
!wm list th15
!wm list th16

War commands

Get info about current war
!wm status
Show lineup and attacks left
!wm lineup
Announce marching orders
!wm march
Set our marching orders
!wm order TH9 !attack your equal
!wm order 4-7,9 !cleanup
Set enemy marching orders
!wm target 6,10,11 !use miners
Find open bases
!wm open
Find open townhall 9 bases
!wm open 9
List bases and any calls (at townhall)
!wm bases
!wm bases 9
List any calls (at townhall)
!wm calls
!wm calls 9
Lock bases by townhall or rank
!wm lock TH10
!wm lock 4-7,9
Unlock bases by townhall or rank
!wm unlock TH11
!wm unlock 3
Show top performers for last war
!wm kudos

Call commands

You call enemy base #2
!wm c2
Call enemy base #12 on behalf our our #9
!wm 9c12
Cancel your own call
!wm cancel
Cancel call on enemy base #8
!wm cancel 8

Log commands

You attack base #8 for 1 star, 56% destruction
!wm a8 1 56
Our #5 attacks base #8 for 3 stars
!wm 5a8 3
Our #25 scouts base #8 for 1 star 51%
!wm 25s8 1 51
Our #1 bullies base #12 for 3 stars
!wm 1b12 3

Owner/editor commands

Combine a duplicate village with legacy/fake tag
!wm combine #REALTAG #FAKE_TAG
Automatically setup current war (open war log req.)
!wm auto
!wm auto friendly
!wm auto arranged
!wm auto league
Score the war when official data is logged
!wm score
!wm score offense
List members who didn't call before attacking
!wm rogue
List members claim/identify status added within last month
!wm joined
Set enemies 2 to 18 as town hall 9 for current war
See QuickCodes for more options