W L T 6

CWL Commands

updated 03/19/2019

Help & Info

List the available commands
!wm cwl commands
!wm cwl help

Basic Commands

List the seasons on record
!wm cwl seasons
Show overview for current season
!wm cwl
!wm cwl status
Show overview for April
!wm cwl 2019-04
List rounds for current season
!wm cwl rounds
List rounds for April
!wm cwl rounds 2019-04
List top members for current season
!wm cwl top
List top members for April
!wm cwl top 2019-04
List members for next opponent
!wm cwl scout
List members for 3rd opponent
!wm cwl scout 3
List members for specific clan
!wm cwl scout #CLANTAG

Check statistics

Show detailed stats for current season
!wm cwl stats
Show detailed stats for April
!wm cwl stats 2019-04
Show kudos for current season
!wm cwl kudos
Show kudos for April
!wm cwl kudos 2019-04
Show lifetime performance of myself
!wm cwl perf
Show lifetime performance of a member
!wm cwl perf #PLAYERTAG
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