W L T 6

WarMatch Features


Pro features enhance the website/bot and help serious war clans do their business.

300  Coins/mo

Elite features offer high-end functionality for top clans that compete at the highest levels.

500  Coins/mo

Frequently asked questions

How do you upgrade a clan to have pro and elite features?

Any member of your clan can upgrade by using coins funded by Patreon pledges or direct funding (coming soon). You can upgrade from the clan features tab.

Is the feature upgraded permanently?

Features are upgraded on a month-by-month basis. You can prepay for months ahead of time (coming soon) or use Patreon pledges for automatic funding.

Are you charging for features we already have for free?

No, the core functionality such as matching, scoring, calling, and wmbot will remain free. Only newer, more powerful features will require upgrades.

Why do you need to charge for new features?

Many of the features use expensive server resources that cost us greatly.

Why not setup advertisements instead?

The website only serves a fraction of our userbase as many users only interact through the bot.

How do you know if a clan has a feature upgraded?

You can manage features from the clan features tab.

Do upgraded features apply to feeder clans?

Each feature must be upgraded for each clan.

Does each individual user need to upgrade?

Nope. A single user can upgrade a feature for the entire clan.

Can users combine coins to purchase a feature?

Not at this time. The logistics are too complicated for us to handle.