W L T 6

Coordinate attacks, compete with scores, and match in epic wars!

War matching is now in beta. You can still track performance and make calls today. Please join our chat to report issues.

How matches work

1 Setup a match

Poll your members to opt-in to scheduled wars to manage lineups

2 Publish your match

Send a request to another clan or publish your match for others to find

3 Accept a match

Once you accept, continue to collaborate with your opponent until search/challenge time

Collaborate to win

Call enemy bases during war, while you collaborate on army composition and attack strategy.

Clan chat bot

Use wmbot (GroupMe & Discord) to call bases, see what's open, and give kudos

How automatic war data works

1 Open war logs

Inside Clash of Clans, have a clan leader open war logs to public

2 Create war

Use the !wm auto bot command, or click the sparkle button to automatically setup the war, including both lineups

3 Score the war

Warmatch will load attack data periodically (or faster), at the end, score the war to update member statistics

War arrangement tool

WarMatchUs helps you manage your members hero levels (automatic) and gold weight (via polling) so you get fair matches.

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We keep all your logs

Unlike COC, we keep detailed statistics of every war you've ever logged. Our stats help you manage large clans and prepare for epic war battles.

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