W L T 6


updated 03/22/2017
General questions
Why is my clan showing as claimed when none of our leaders claimed it?
Anybody can claim a clan if they know the tag and one of the leader or co-leader names. If this happens please join the chat to dispute it.
Why is my village not listed when I try to join the clan?
There is a delay in the data before a member automatically shows up in the list. If this happens, ask your leader to add you manually or have them push the refresh button.
Can people see my login name?
Your account login name can be changed from your account page.
Someone claimed the wrong village by mistake, how can we fix that?
The user (or an owner) can open their member page, goto setup, and choose release member.
I can't remember which account I used to login and claim the account, what should I do?
Leads can see the login account name on the member page under setup. Also, the leader can release the member so the user can re-claim the village.
Can enemy clans use warmatch data to hunt us or join clans we recently war'd with?
No, by default we hide data that would enable that. You can hide even more data by changing permissions.
Will WarMatch.Us cost money or have advertisements?
Not yet. But we may eventually need a way to offset the cost of running the servers.
Calling bases and logging attacks
Why log every offensive and defensive attack of war?
WarMatch.Us can calculate a score that takes into account a persons value to war based on both offensive and defensive performance.
Why do I need to log attacks in order?
WarMatch.Us needs to know which attacks created new stars and net stars on a base for proper offensive statistics. Order isn't as important when logging defense.
Why are defensive attacks important when their #1 can attack our #25?
Over 50 wars we've found this doesn't unfairly affect the score. Also, we don't recommend logging farming wars.
We matched a farming clan. Should we score the war?
No. You can score the war choose "no-scoring". You only need to provide the total stars.
Why can't I call a base that is already called or has an expired call?
WarMatch.Us encourages you to log the previously called attack before you can call it. If the previous caller never attacked, you can cancel their call.
Why do I need to log destruction?
Your clan can win or lose the war based on destruction. Also, your destruction average can help quantify your value even in lieu of 99% attacks.
How can I log attacks/defends efficiently?
You should rely on your clan to log offensive attacks. Then, periodically have someone use QuickCodes and a keyboard to quickly log the defenses. In my experience, a 25v25 war can be logged in around 5 minutes.
Do we have to log all attacks and defends?
Our statistics are more useful when you log all data. However, we support three levels data logging: Score both offense & defense, Score offense only, no scoring. You can track as much or as little data as you want.
How do I fix the stats when I want to log the war?
The best way to reconcile the stats is to compare them with the in game stats. Depending on which side is off, you can compare the attacks with the attacks on the "My Team" and "Enemy Team" tabs.
Managing members and tracking stats
What do the green and orange swords on the member list mean?
A green sword means the chief has logged in and claimed thier village. An orange sword means the member is unclaimed.
What does the "O" and "E" mean under the sword on the member list?
The O is for owners (usually Leaders and Co-Leaders) and they have max permissions. The E is for editors (usually Elders) and they can modify clan data.
Why is the +/- score a fair number for tracking member performance?
The max net offense per war is +6 (a sixer) yet on defense is only -3. That means every war can be a positive war and it puts emphasis on 3* offense and anti-3* defense.
Why did my offensive score not get credit even though I had a successful attack during war?
The net offense score is based on best new star attacks. If someone 3* (clean-up) a base you 2*, they get the points and you don't. The score puts an emphasis on net score because a war is won based on net stars, not new stars. It also puts a higher value on first attacks being 3*.
Does the score influence people to only do cleanup attacks?
It is up to the clan leaders to enforce proper marching orders.
Our clan sometimes has scouting or bully attacks, do they need to be scored?
No, you can mark an attack as a scout/bully/unfair and that member will be excluded from scoring in that war. However, their 3-star rates will still include fair attacks from that war.
Why are sixers so important?
Getting a sixer (two 3* attacks) means you are generating max offense for your clan and ensuring the clan wins the war. It is the best way to have a high + score.
How does warmatch keep scoring fair?
It is up to the leadership to keep scoring fair by marking attacks as scouts, bullies, or unfair. We recommend the burden of these attacks are are spread across the entire clan. Warmatch excludes these wars when scoring a clan member.