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League Management

updated 08/29/2020

Please work with warmatch admins to create the league season in our league applications discord. Then you can use these commands to setup clans, groups (conferences & divisions), schedule, matches, and more.

Only serious leagues are allowed on WarMatch. We expect your league to be managed and supported by a range of leaders and clans. To setup a league, we need a SVG or PNG logo, and a village tag of a user already on WarMatch to set as the super administrator.

League admins input these commands into the quick entry or multiple commands into league setup → league bulk setup.

Bot support is planned for a future release.

Season setup 💎 Super admins only

We recommend during season setup to type all the commands into your favorite text editor. After testing a few commands, you then paste the rest into bulk input.

💎 Add user as super admin
super Tag,Title,Name
super YRGQUYR2,Super,Wuxia
💎 Add user as regular admin
admin Tag,Title,Name
admin P0QYV3U,Helper,Fangbone
💎 Add clans to a league choose unique code
💎 Setup group/conf/div using these values
  1. Unique code
  2. Group depth, 0 = conference, 1 = division
  3. Depth description, usually "confs" or "divs"
  4. Full name
  5. Short name
  6. Abbreviation/acronym
  7. Total clans count
group bkc,0,confs,Barbarian King Conference,BK Conf,BK,16
group bkcmd,1,divs,Minion Division,Min,4
💎 Add clans (by code) to the group/conf/div
groupclans bkc,DL CB CoC EG SK FW b3 CS PwC 6S EE A8 OH MT KAN MW
groupclans bkcmd,DL CB CoC EG
💎 Setup each scheduled week using these values
  1. Unique code
  2. Date usually day before matching begins
  3. Full name
  4. Short name
  5. Matchups description
  6. Number of wars this week
  7. Color, choose from blue, gray, green, orange, red, darkred
schedule w1,2017-08-05T09:00:00Z,Week 1,W1,Non conference play,16,blue
schedule b2,2017-10-31,Bye,Bye,Halloween break,0,gray
The system watches for matches within a 7-day window from the scheduled date. If you need to match outside of this window, please see the mid-season makeup command.

Did you know? You can specify a time zone relative to your league using ISO 8601. For example: 2017-10-31T07:00:00Z
Setup a scheduled match using schedule and clan codes
match w1 DL WW

Ooops, remove or delete 💎 Super admins only

When setting up the season and scheduling matches, mistakes may arise. Use the following commands to correct mistakes.

💎 Remove clan w/ clan code
-clan WW
💎 Remove group w/ group code
-group BKC
💎 Remove schedule w/ schedule code
-schedule w6
Remove match w/ match code
-match w6 DL WW
💎 Remove super/admin w/ user id
-admin 23425
-super 23425

Mid-season 💎 Super admins only

League admins are responsible for monitoring matchups to ensure warmatch detects the match and shows prep day. League admins should monitor results and ensure war logs stay open long enough to capture all the war data. If a match stays in pending state, warmatch failed to capture the final war results. League admins can manually enter the missing attacks and the final results.

Forfeit a match by clan, the other clan wins
forfeit w3 BM
💎 Replace a clan with another clan, using tag and clan code new clan keeps old clans record
replace BM,82L898UG RF
Schedule a makeup match custom matchup date
makeup w3 BM TL,2017-04-19
League results and attack details should automatically load if clans keep their war log open.
Manual results or override w/ breakdown
results w1 DL WW,6/15/19,115 115,94.70 94.82
Manual results or override w/ team size
results w1 BB OH,40v40,109 112,92.31 93.89
Import official results from war using clan war ID
import w1 EG DLZ,84122
Sometimes the system can fail to load a few attacks at the end of war. You can add these attacks manually. Please use the command from the home team perspective (left side = home team). You can then finalize once all the attacks are in.
Load attacks manually using normal quickcode
attack w3 BM TL,1a2 2 98
attack w3 BM TL,5d10 3
Finalize matchafter adding attacks manually
finalize w3 BM TL