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updated 07/27/2017
At this time we only support Patreon subscriptions but hope to offer more options soon.

A subscription provides coins every month you can spend on feature upgrades for your clan(s). Your purchases will automatically renew every month your subscription is active.


You can access your subscriptions from your account page.

What if there isn't a Patreon pledge amount with the exact coins I need?

You can choose the closest amount to your pledge and then edit your pledge amount to the exact coins you need. For example, if you need 600 coins, choose the $5 dollar pledge and then edit the pledge to be $6.

How to make Patreon subscription show up?

You need to link your Patreon account with your WarMatch account. If you've already linked your Discord account with your Patreon account, then we may have already detected your Patreon account.

How do I spend subscription coins?

You can purchase features for any of your clans from the clan features tab. See purchase features for more details.

Do unused coins go into a bank you can use later?

Unused coins will go towards upkeep and development of new features. There is no bank yet.