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  • [Web] Update profile to support new levels in release
  • [Web] Include updated images for troops


  • [Web] Add JSON endpoints for league data


  • [Web] (Internal) Add logging around feature purchasing, renewals, and cancellations


  • [Web] (Internal) Update to V2 of Patreon API
  • [Bot] Improve performance of command system
  • [Bot] Add first couple new CWL commands in preparation for April season


  • [Web] Fix 100% CPU issue which also fixed login issues


  • [Web] Improved logged in detection support (still no redirect yet)


  • [Web] Scale-up due to 100% CPU usage
  • [Web] More debugging for external login failures


  • [Web] Fix /getcode login
  • [Bot] Improve !wm code to have a link


  • [Web] Fix google login
  • [Job] (Internal) updated framework now running a faster core
  • [Web] Fix issue with league match stats when no attacks recorded


  • [Web] (Internal) Move container registry


  • [Web] (Internal) Move site container to same region as database
  • [Web] (Internal) Test continuous deployment


  • [Web] (Internal) Fix issue with subscriptions


  • [Web] Fix issue with war log matching wars causing duplicates


  • [Web] Fix clan league import button for clans with older data available
  • [Web] Approximate destruction percentage calculation for CWL based on teamsize


  • [Web] More improvements to scCWL when in-war


  • [Web] More improvements to scCWL during preparation


  • [Web] Fix CWL league group loading


  • [Web] Improve CWL league group rounds with proper breakdowns and outcomes
  • [Web] Fix the league schedule to update scheduled matches when the date changes


  • [Web] New CWL league group details page, including clans and rounds details


  • [Web] Change league import command so any admin can perform (not just super)
  • [Web] Added new League tab (replacing Strikes tab) so you can see your CWL season history and dive deeper for stats


  • [Web] Fix ✨ sparkle button for auto setup


  • [Web] Make login cookie persistent across sessions


  • [Web] Fix ✨ sparkle button for auto setup of current war so there is no timeout when in CWL war
  • [Web] Try to fix iOS main menu
  • [Web] (Internal) Added more bot admin diagnostics for tracing channel messages to parent guilds
  • [Web] (Internal) Fix admin users screen


  • [Web] Fix league win% league ranking to be based on all wins (even forfeit wins), it does ignore ties
  • [Web] Fix league result data for matches that include clans that were replaced mid-season


  • [Web] Add ice golem, stone slammer, and bat spell to profile


  • [Web] Fix attacks showing on the clan member page
  • [Web] Disable defends data on the clan member page (sorry)
  • [Web] Fix editing attacks (like scout) from the web


  • [Web] Fix issue with cookie size causing login issues (like 431 error)
  • [Web] Fix issue with war view of in game stats


  • [Web] Fix issue with purchasing a feature
  • [Web] Fix issue with pages not refreshing automatically


  • [Web] Fix errors when scoring or starting wars


  • [Web] Fix league setup
  • [Web] Fix viewing active wars
  • [Web] Fix claiming clans


  • [Web] Fix issue with joining bot to discord server
  • [Web] Fix patreon linking and coin deposits


  • [Web] Deployed new website (please report issues)
  • Matches should now better support TH12


  • Prep for moving site to new framework


  • Fix league preview to include TH12


  • Global top attackers now pointing at latest CWL leagues
  • Top attacker list for each league should be based on stat targets setup for that league
  • Updated league match stats text file to include TH12


  • Fix league stats to use stat targets setup for that league
  • Add list of stat targets under league setup


  • Add 10v12 to !wm status command
  • Fix timeout when searching for a member by tag or name (must use exact name)


  • New league commands stat and -stat for setting up stats for a league
  • New league clan stats
  • Fix league clan schedule links to the matches


  • Update members list and criteria to support TH12
  • Added TH12 profile image
  • Other updates for TH12
  • Initial league clan page, stats are pending new data processing job
  • More TH12 updates coming soon for league stats


  • Update bot to support TH12


  • Command history used to manage a league now available to admins under league setup tab


  • Updated global top attackers to point at latest CWL season
  • Added a download spreadsheet of raw attacks for a league (ask us on discord)
  • New backend updates to support discord embeds (some new league commands won't work on group me)


  • Fix war head title on mobile viewport
  • 20+ tweaks and improvements to bot responses (thanks Insom)
  • Fix auto locks based on attempts
  • Improve !wm unlock so you can unlock multiple bases
  • Improve !wm unhold so you can unhold multiple attacks


  • Fix issue with showing recent enemy names on mobile viewport
  • Fix external league logo showing on index
  • Fix logo placement on league head


  • Fix troop levels for TH11 when editing profile via website
  • Fix baby dragon troop level showing from night village
  • Fix toggle active for our admins on league page


  • Admin pages for leagues, can now easily setup a new season for existing league
  • New subscription checks for Patreon when cancelling subscription


  • Wording fix for !wm login with !wm code on the /getcode page


  • Fix for deleting wars that have lock/holds


  • Fixes for new lock and hold feature
  • Improvements to !wm oct8 lineup to group by townhall
  • Improvements to some other commands by using more emoji


  • Clan member affiliation of "Family" is no longer supported
  • New lock bases and hold attacks feature in beta testing
  • Added lock message on war view of enemy marching orders
  • Added hold message on war view of member marching orders
  • New !wm locks and !wm holds


  • Now !wm list tryout only shows active members
  • Now !wm status now includes 3-star attacks in 2-star counts
  • New !wm pending which shows only lineup with attacks left


  • League matches should now be in order they are created


  • Match announce button now annouces matches in chronological order
  • Bot should no longer mixup the !wm log and !wm login commands
  • Fix !wm status when the left breakdown is missing a level from the right
  • Added -super and -admin league command to remove admins from a league
  • Fix the groupclans league command to remove clans when the code is not in the list


  • Fix the attack league command when adding missing defends
  • You can now set mass marching orders by townhall !wm order TH11 !Wait until end to cleanup or by rank ranges!wm order 3-6,8 !Use first attack early, hold 2nd til end
  • And you can set orders on the enemy side using the !wm target command
  • Added 1/6 call timer option


  • Fix viewing enemy defends/attacks/net score on the war screen
  • Add new league command for adding missing attacks
  • You can now delete a match that has data using the -match league command
  • When doing !wm identify we now remind you to update your war weight (rather than profile)


  • Fix patreon data loading issues
  • Fix breakdown and attacks left on war stats to only show the top major townhall levels


  • Fix some of the clan member tabs
  • Fix breakdown showing as TBD on war stats tab


🎙️ announcement: auto war data is available to everyone! 🍻 By default, we update current war data every ⌛ 8 hours unless you use a patreon subscription to purchase the 🐇 fast attack refresh feature. Please check our discord server if you have questions. Thanks everyone 😘 who participated in the beta. Learn more here https://warmatch.us/docs/subs and here https://warmatch.us/features/fast-attack-refresh

  • You can now use your Patreon pledge as a subscription to purchase features with coins


  • You can now hide your historic membership in old clans from your account page
  • The makeup command should now work as described in league commands page
  • The new import league command will let you import official war data captured outside of the league by one of the clans involved.


  • You can now change your name and email on the account page
  • You can now enable auto war data with free fast attack refresh (for a limited time)


  • Improved default stats view for regular wars (similar to league match view and !wm status)
  • Fix stats to include 3-star attacks when for 2-star stats on !wm status and web views
  • Added super and admin commands to league commands documentation



  • Fix war draft
  • Fix bulk attacks edit


  • Overhaul the menu bar and navigation on the clan, match, war, league, league-match screens. It should improve performance and fix some issues with mobile. Please watch for bugs as the changes are substantial.


  • Tweak links to league matches for when no data exists or match is forfeit
  • Fix !wm jun10 in Bob Jones when IGN has a space in the name


  • New league match screen for before, during, and after a league match
  • Additional caching around league statistics


  • Start pushing secure connections to fix many of the login issues
  • https://warmatch.us
  • Updates to clan export data and Pro currently available to everyone (for a limited time)


  • Fix broken !wm score command
  • Tweak !wm identify command messages to be less confusing
  • Tweak !wm release to require a name or tag when multiple villages


  • Fix issue with "The war is now active" message repeated by bot
  • Fix issue with whitespace in league commands
  • Fix issue with war whoops when 3-star attack auto logged


  • Fix manual war setup when using quick codes
  • Fix !wm calendar to show opponent name when it is known


🎙️ announcement: 🤖 bot and 🌐 web will be down shortly ⏳ so we can kick-out ⚽ improvements to help performance during high traffic times -jv

  • Fix !wm calendar to show opponent when opponent is known
  • Fix match request response with "Accept" or "Decline"
  • Major infrastructure changes to separate bot and other processing away from website


  • Fix calculation issue with league matchup preview attack totals
  • Fix facebook login
  • Fix !wm auto friendly !wm auto league !wm auto arranged
  • Fix permissions when listing data using !wm list 3star and weight, fresh, clean, score
  • Tweak to W-L-T record when you score a war (let me know if not fixed)
  • New "War Call Multi" permission to control if members are allowed to have multiple active calls


  • Fix issue with order of Top Attackers


  • New league preview to compare stats on both side of the matchup preview link available up to two hours before battle day from the schedule
  • Tweaks to live stream ticker results for Jake


  • Fix !wm status attack run-down for iphones
  • Include attacks remaining for !wm status
  • Improved formatting for !wm status


  • Now include attack attempts for attacks breakdown live-stream overlays
  • Finally a better attack run-down for !wm status and we include townhall breakdowns
  • New !wm joined command to see identify/claim status of members added in the past month
  • The !wm calls command will show "None found" when there are no calls
  • New !wm score command to score(closeout/finalize/log) the last active war
  • Rename log war button to score war
  • The !wm identify command will now list existing villages in alphabetical order
  • Fix an issue with war participation and last war calculation affecting clan setup → member cleanup → clean button
  • New view of top attackers for each individual league, see tab


  • New league API text endpoints for live-stream tickers and overlays
  • Update !wm auto to support war type, ex: !wm auto friendly !wm auto league !wm auto arranged
  • Exclude owner from being removed when using the clan setup → member cleanup → clean button
  • New !wm rogue command to see attacks without calls
  • Fix issue showing <msg> when the war whoops is blank
  • New countdown progress bar of last few hours of prep day or battle day on league schedule


  • Fix issue with bulk input admin access for leagues
  • Fix issue with !wm identify command when the login already exists
  • Top Attackers now only showing CWL (band-aid for performance problems)


  • New league setup → league codes page to see all the codes
  • Fix league header clans and group information
  • Fix bug when no war whoops still does 3-star notification
  • Fix bug when a new user is created via the !wm identify command
  • You can now choose the clan you have pre-arranged to match when drafting a match
  • Fix bug with deleting a clan bot agent


  • Fix league results command to allow just versus
  • Tweak auto war data (beta) load timing
  • New league commands feature page


  • Fix league scores
  • Tweak auto war data (beta) load timing


🎙️ announcement: rolling-out bug fixes for 🤖 bot and 🌐 web, plus tweaks to auto war data (beta) algorithm to improve processing speed ⚡ see changelog for more info -jv

  • Fix member filter criteria drop-down on mobile
  • Fix war whoops for auto-logged attacks
  • Calls are now automatically cancelled when both attacks are used, and/or base is ⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Tweak auto war data (beta) load timing and algorithm


  • You can now drill into top league attackers to see the top 20 attackers.
  • Better caching around top league attackers


🎙️ announcement: We are 🐣 expanding beta access to the auto war data. Your clan may already have ✔️ access (if not ❌ be patient). See http://warmatch.us/features/auto-war-data for more information. -jv

  • The !wm call cancel now checks for "War Call" or "War Call On Behalf" permissions
  • Update the wmbot page to clean up commands
  • Update !wm commands to list important commands so user doesn't need to click link
  • New top attackers list on the league index page
  • New features page to help document new features
  • New automatic war data feature page to document the feature


  • Fix issue !wm combine for source member with strikes
  • Fix issue with match requests
  • Fix issue with duplicate war log entries (contact me if you see any)
  • Fix issue with stats not updating after logging a war


  • Fix issue editing a member with a < or > in their profile name
  • Fix issue with war setup screen not saving correctly
  • Fix !wm release so it separately releases all villages from the discord login
  • Fix issue with !wm auto
  • New !wm combine to combine a member with a real tag and a member with a fake/legacy tag
  • Fix issue with !wm calls


  • Fix issue with old clan member re-appearing in clan
  • Fix issue with attack merging when using auto war data
  • New purge option under clan setup -> cleanup members
  • New inactivate option under clan setup - cleanup members
  • List users with legacy tag under clan setup -> cleanup members
  • Fix permission issue on the war refresh button (beta clans)
  • Fix logging war issue (really hope for real this time) 😂
  • Fix townhall order issue on !wm status


🎙️ announcement: site and bot will be down ⌛ ~2 mins for bug fixes. 👞🐛 This is our first deployment to a new server tier that should minimize downtime. 🤞🤞 🍀 Thanks for your support -jv

  • Fix war logging (appears to not respond) issue
  • Fix out of order calls or bases on some bot commands
  • Fix manual setup of roster when drafting a war


🎙️ announcement: site and bot will be down ⌛ ~10 mins to push out new automatic roster and attack data import. 🔥🔥🔥 We are rolling it out to a limited number of beta clans. If you can't wait 🐰 come ask nicely to join the beta test. -jv

  • Fix war setup tab
  • A new setting to enable automatic war log and current war info (limited beta release right now)
  • New automatic war setup and attack import ❗ requires public war log ❗
  • Automatic war log import ❗ requires public war log ❗
  • Improved claim clan with more data imported ❗ requires public war log ❗
  • Official war results that will allow real leaderboards based on non-friendly wars 🏆
  • New !wm auto command to automatically setup current war


🎙️ announcement: site and bot will be down ⌛ ~5 mins to push bug fixes. Automatic roster and attack data is not ready. We are 🛠️ working hard and we will 📢 announce when it is ready. -jv

  • Improve league stats view
  • Fix attacks count on league schedule
  • Fix strikes not expiring
  • Fix automatic refresh clan data and members from API
  • Early support for pulling in war log data for public war logs
  • Fix issue with league match data import when another match by same clans starts too soon
  • Fix league clan member duplicates
  • Fix issue with task resources


🎙️ announcement: at 1pm eastern, site and bot will be down ⌛ ~5 mins to push upgrades. Current focus: improve uptime/response time, then knock-out 👊 automatic roster and attack data (ETA this weekend). 🔗 http://warmatch.us/changelog -jv

  • Fixed fresh 3 star rate league stats
  • Fix week 2 result standings being counted twice
  • Improve league live stats refreshing
  • Include average destruction in league results
  • Show number of attacks left during battle day in league schedule
  • Disabled data export features until we can improve performance
  • Tweaks and emoji for !wm calls and !wm bases
  • League standings are now updated once all matches are final
  • League matches automatically finalize when all attacks are used
  • Special forfeit support for when that happens ala DL vs CS
  • Fix buffer between weeks showing week 1 instead of appropriate week


🎙️ announcement: at 12pm eastern, site and bot will be down ⌛ ~5 mins to push tweaks for auto load attacks from supercell beta API. As the API matures 🌱→🌳, it should reduce data entry for all clans with 📖 open war logs. -jv


  • New functional league screens
  • New supercell current war API support for loading CWL data automatically
  • 5 new commands to support leagues: setting up groups, groupclans, schedules, matches, results


  • Update league mockup screens to have actual data, mainly CWL Invite for now


  • Fix issue with !wm identity command synonym for !wm identify
  • Reduce number of duplicate refreshes of data when making updates from the web for improved performance
  • Update !wm kudos to use emoji 🔥 🛡 ⭐️
  • Fix issue with drafting a new match on the calendar tab
  • Removed beepin bloop slang from bot messages


  • Fix issue when there are multiple people with same name in clan but some are already matching on tag


  • Internal discord debugging tweaks


  • Anyone in your channel can !wm refresh the latest members from game API
  • New profile image artwork to match updated artwork in game (thanks flipped)
  • Moved miners up in the profile to be with the other elixir troops (Stacey and flipped)


  • Fix issue with API due to santa suprise and ice wizard showing in profile
  • Fix !wm log 3* not finding the call for user
  • Tweak !wm march to only show marching orders for users who haven't attacked (thx flipped)
  • Tweak !wm march to highlight your own marching orders (thx flipped)


  • Exporting member stats now includes the member tag
  • New export attacks feature under clan setup -> export
  • Sort join member list by name, and can search by typing (thanks flipped)
  • Fix issue with !wm 25v25 drafting two wars (thanks apmfmm)
  • Fix issue with clan member stats not showing when clicking stats on menu
  • Bot is now better at telling you when you don't have permission to do something
  • Fix issue with !wm list idle (thanks nkryptic and Stacey)
  • More aggressive matching when there are members with the same name (thanks flipped)
  • Fix issue with batch attack edit screen when removing/changing attacks (thanks everyone)
  • Fix marching orders when you rearrange lineup (thanks Stacey)


  • New !wm list idle to see who hasn't warred in a while
  • New line messenger login support


  • Fix bug with releasing village
  • Fix bug with match lineup (thanks Stacey)


  • Fix lineup when people respond in and then respond out to match poll (thanks Stacey)
  • Fix edit button on lineup (thanks Stacey)
  • You can now release your own member (thanks monkeyfast)
  • Update !wm profile to be more readable and include strikes (thanks Mike and flipped)


  • Don't allow attacks to be logged during war prep (thanks gwp)
  • New setting so each clan can choose default member view (thanks Stacey)
  • New setting to change default strike length (thanks flipped)
  • New setting to choose default affiliation so you can make new members automatically show as tryout
  • For !wm status we now show destruction and attacks used for both sides (thanks nkryptic)
  • Fix issue with syncing attacks (thanks flipped)
  • Add a notes input for each match
  • Improve announcement for when match polling begins
  • New announcement option to announce calendar (thanks flipped)
  • Fix a bug around match code when using !wm dec22 in polling command (thanks Stacey)


  • If other side deletes an attack that was imported, then it is now deleted locally as well (depending on sync mode)
  • You can fix an attack that was synced and it shouldn't get overwritten
  • Now show warden and gold weight on marching lineups (thanks Stacey)
  • Announce when polls are opened for a scheduled match


  • Fix issue when syncing wars and it causes a problem on the other side
  • Move suggestions to a dedicated page
  • Don't include friendly wars when calculating clan record


  • Fix issue with loading warden level
  • Fix issue with showing active wars on dashboard
  • Fix issue with responding to poll via bot using village tag
  • Fix issue with drafting a new match and existing code is used


  • Fix issue with claiming new clans (thanks OpTiC NaDeSHOT)
  • Fix issue when member list is refreshed
  • Fix issue when refreshing a profile (thank flippedcracker)
  • New !wm wars for members to see their active wars
  • New !wm calendar to list scheduled matches
  • New !wm nov5 in poll response command
  • New !wm nov5 lineup to see who is included in a scheduled match lineup
  • We no longer allow calls on bases already 3-starred (thanks mike)

2016-Nov-3 (Hotfix)

  • Refresh button added to clan member profile (thanks flippedcracker)
  • Easier account login debugging for admins (thanks flippedcracker)
  • Fix so you can unselect create lineup and another issue on match respond screen (thanks flippedcracker)
  • Fix matches screen when you aren't logged in
  • Fix type on match edit screen (thanks Stacey)


Please note the following features are planned for a future release:
  • Bot commands for polling/matching
  • Family and friends support for polling/matching
  • New clan calendar tab where you can schedule wars and poll members to opt-in or opt-out
  • When reponding to a poll, members can set and verify their weight is up to date
  • New match screen to manage lineup, view stats, and friendly/arranged war requests
  • New public friendly/arrangement listing to find and request a war match
  • You can now refresh data from supercell API via !wm refresh
  • YAY! We now import townhall and profile data from supercell API
  • Fix removing members from war lineup on both sides (thanks Kermit/others)
  • When editing enemy lineup, they include townhall and hero levels automatically
  • New active wars overview, useful for players with multiple villages in multiple war


  • Tweaked top matches, top clans, top members and cached data
  • The member list should now be updated when trying to claim or join a clan (thanks TreyS of Reddit Raiders)
  • Drafting a new war should be faster
  • Fix quick draft losing battle/prep hours and type (thanks Interrupt)

2016-Oct-14 (Hotfix)

  • Fix !wm cancel rank (thanks Mike and BoomB)
  • The !wm kudos no longer shows defends unless 50% defended (thanks Mike)
  • Fix the None of your villages were found in this war with the bot (thanks everyone)


  • Fix max giant level, update wiz/baby dragon levels (thanks Leonidas)
  • Fix (to allow) blank chat bot agent prefix (thanks Insom)
  • Fix issue drafting a war when a newish clan (thanks gwp)
  • Fix max description length under clan settings (thanks flippedcracker)
  • New support for marking wars as "Random", "Arranged", or "Friendly"
  • New support for prep hours and battle hours
  • Fix for cancelling calls - please test (thanks everyone)


  • Fix war sync (thanks Leeroy and Ninja Muffins)
  • Fix initial setup screen when searching by name
  • Congrats flippedcracker for joining the admin team, we appreciate all he has done
  • Lineup defaults to last lineup of the same versus as long as it isn't too old, otherwise uses prediction algorithm (thanks Interrupt)
  • Primary village support! You can now choose your primary village and easily switch between them with !wm primary #TAG (thanks everyone and Kermit)


  • Updated !wm kudos based on feedback (thanks everyone)
  • Log war screen is now mobile friendly
  • Fix quick code for bully and unfair attacks (thanks Kermit)
  • Fix clan member stats, better show based on fair attacks and fair wars (thanks AllenN NW)


  • Warmatch.us now supports HTTP secure connections over SSL
  • Fixed bug with GroupMe login due to switching to HTTPS (Allen NW)
  • Update discord chat links to take directly to support channel (thanks Insom)
  • New !wm kudos mockup to show top offensive and defensive performers in war, feedback appreciated
  • Fixed deleted members coming back into member list (thanks Stacey)
  • Fix enemy lookup defaulting to manual mode, you should only need manual mode if the supercell API is down (thanks everyone)
  • Some of the edit screens should look better on mobile
  • Add new symbol (fist) for bully attacks
  • Fix attack type selection when editing existing attack

2016-Sept-24 (Quickfix)

  • Fixed bug with showing attacks left on !wm lineup (thanks BoomB and Wayward)
  • Fixed bug where bases without calls are showing for !wm calls(thanks Wayward)
  • Updated GroupMe client key, so hopefully direct GroupMe logins are working


  • Fixed a bug with clan member stats displaying (thanks Shanewjj)
  • You can now login to the website directly with GroupMe login
  • Fix member tag conflict when trying to claim clan (thanks Prizzle 416)
  • Updated !wm lineup to show # of attacks left (thanks everyone)
  • Updated !wm calls to filter to just called bases (thanks Interrupt)
  • If call stacking is allowed, we list all callers (thanks Insom)


  • Updated API support to include player tags, this should greatly improve user experience for clan families
  • We try to update existing member's temporary tag to actual tag if you have a unique name in your clan
  • Claiming a clan will automatically bring in existing users (and profiles) based on tag, so they won't have to claim again
  • Your profile will now automatically follow you when you move between clans (based on in-game village tag), however your score is clan specific
  • New !wm lineup for showing your own lineup in current war (thanks Shane J.)
  • New bully and generic unfair attack types so we can distinguish between fair and unfair attacks for scoring purposes
  • Re-worked scoring system, now calculates stats based on last 10 "fair" wars, or wars where both attacks were fair
  • Improved 3-star rates, fresh, and cleanup stats now calculated on last 20 "fair" attacks
  • New warmatch discord chat for support, suggestions, update chat, etc. (thanks Insom, Fawkes, flippedcracker)


  • Fixed a bug with wmbot !wm identify when you have already logged in with another account (thanks Leroy Jenkins)
  • It is now easier to select the clan on both the village setup screen and war edit screens
  • You can now have lineup and attack data sync'd automatically from the enemy clan if they are also using warmatch (thanks noble hero and north watchers)
  • Early support for custom bot command prefixes other than !wm
  • You can now name a bot agent so you can distinguish between multiple agents in multiple rooms
  • You can now delete a bot agent


  • Fixed a bug with wmbot activate for discord
  • You can now link additional logins from your account page
  • You can now unlink logins as well


  • Add war whoops support for shoutouts when players net a 3-star, under clan settings
  • You can now !wm march 9 to list marching orders for specific town hall levels
  • You can now update your profile from the bot, see QuickCodes for more info (thanks flippedcracker)


  • Updated !wm list weight to include royal levels (thanks Insom)
  • Changed discord max character limit from 1000 to 2000 (thanks Insom)
  • Added support to totally disable call stacking, set permission to "None"
  • Fixed !wm login (thanks Doom)
  • Added note to !wm status to explain it isn't real-time API data (thanks NH clan)


  • Added support for Discord logins
  • Added support for Discord bots
  • You can now have multiple bots per clan


  • Fix some levels of troops (thanks flippedcracker)
  • New merge two members option under clan setup (thanks BumbleD)
  • Attempt to fix cancel call from wmbot


  • Fix logging of scouts as regular attacks
  • Members can now see their own stats regardless of clan permissions


  • Fix cookie so users don't have logout and login to fix permission issues hopefully (thanks everyone)
  • Fix max clan level to 14


  • Fix logging scouts via quick code both mods and leads (thanks ACN, dflo, insome)
  • Fix freeze spell level for TH10/11, fix hound selection (thanks flippedcracker)
  • You can now cancel a call by enemy rank using the !wm cancel <rank>
  • Permissions can now be controlled at a granular level from clan setup tab
  • By default, we are now hiding hit-rates, recent enemy names, and a clan member weight and data details
  • War rules are now controlled by permissions, for example there is a call stacking permission
  • Fix a few of the profile max levels, let me know if you still see issues


  • Fix !wm bases command
  • Added link to war when doing !wm status command
  • Fixed number of available attacks when doing !wm status command
  • Added login reminder message to always use the same account when logging in (thanks RJ)
  • Fixed bowlers as it was automatically using level of lava hounds (Leonidas)


  • Fix error message when calling a base already called by someone else
  • Added new baby dragons, miners, clone spell, and skele spell to profile
  • Increased max level of loons and hounds for TH11
  • Added new !wm bases command to show bases and any calls on them
  • Fixed link from strikes list (thanks dflo and adrian)


  • Fix alt name missing when editing member profile
  • !wm list strikes command now shows number of strikes
  • Improved clan member filter
  • Improve matching by name and alt (nick) name
  • Call stacking rule now enforced via quickcode and bot command
  • Call period fixed when calls are from bot command (needs testing)
  • Fix showing percentage for !wm list fresh and !wm list clean


  • Fix line error on attacks batch edit (thanks somebody else)
  • !wm list commands now only show top 10 when listing score stats
  • Update !wm status to show 3 stars and TH level breakdown


  • Bot users no longer have to login to warmatch prior to !wm identify
  • Bot users can now login to website by using the !wm login command


  • Users or leaders can now release the village from the account that claimed it under the clan member page setup tab
  • Updated FAQ
  • Added !wm call and !wm cancel commands to bot


  • Add !wm open bot command to find open bases
  • Improve message when logging attacks and making calls


  • Updated identify command and added unclaim command to GroupMe bot (thanks fatty)
  • Fix jump spell max level (thanks joel)
  • Now mods can also mark attacks as scouts and hopefully fix quickcode for scout (thanks sis and flippedcracker)
  • New default command to provide link to active war (thanks Alckiebot)
  • Fix bot quick codes so they are actually working (thanks sis)


  • Fix quick max levels for some of the town hall levels (thanks flippedcracker)
  • Added extra choices to call hours (thanks insom)
  • Added a GroupMe bot so you can get info and have people make calls and log attacks from the war room (thanks fatty and alckie)


  • When no current war, just redirect to clan page (thanks siscim)
  • Added download CSV with clan statistics under clan setup tab (thanks ryan)


  • Fix scout option showing on attack/defend create from attacks tab (thanks siscim)
  • Added quickcode for logging scouts
  • Fix war stats refresh when deleting attack (thanks zam)
  • Changed defensive miss rate to defensive strength, which has higher values for defending more hits
  • Add menu for quickly maxing troop levels (thanks timgon)
  • Add new clan member setup screen where you can put public and private notes
  • Add default marching orders for individual clan members which has higher priority over war defaults
  • We now only show top clans that are actively warring
  • Fix for deleting inactive clan members


  • Only show normal members affiliated with clan (hide guest, tryout, on-break)
  • Fix deleting members that are inactive and have no wars logged
  • Fix to support partial updates to profile using quick code (^)
  • Add bowler to profile, update levels for hogs, valks, goblins
  • Remove 35v35 and 45v45 from quick menu
  • Add menu for quickly maxing profile levels (in progress)
  • Leads can mark attacks as scouts to exclude a member from being scored (quickcode coming soon)
  • New nick name support for when members have the same name
  • Fix leads able to edit member names (not recommended)


  • Fix max level of grand warden to 20
  • Fix quick code for updating enemy town hall levels (again?)
  • Fix claiming clans that don't have a location (again?)
  • Start adding support for scout attacks


  • Fix quick code for updating range of enemy townhalls (thx dflo)
  • Fix update of marching orders for all members (thx dflo)
  • Fix spaces quick code in marching orders(!) and cc troops(*) (thx siscim)
  • Added new war rule to allow members to edit enemy members (req by titan)
  • Added new clan management features: new guest, tryout, on break, and family designations
  • Added new clan member attack stats
    • Choose last 10, 20 (10 war score), 30, 40, or 50 attacks
    • Shows detailed attack breakdown by townhall level


  • Fix some permissions issues (call on behalf) with the new war rules
  • Fix API outbound IP not recognized
  • Fix missed attacks count to only look at logged wars (thx love)


  • New clan member filters to show active members by
    • 3-star rate
    • Fresh 3-stars
    • Cleanup 3-stars
  • New war rules to allow
    • Stacked calls
    • Only lead/mods to make calls
    • Only lead/mods to log attacks
  • New 3-star, fresh, and cleanup rates on clan member stats
  • We are now using official API for clan data


  • New quick code for updating range of town hall levels on enemy lineup
  • Fixed refresh of war header stats when war attack logged
  • Fixed issue when a new clan has no location set in-game


  • Active war members now show members in active wars or who have participation over the last 10 wars
  • Fixed input of destruction and new star rate when using decimals
  • For clans with no wars logged, we now show all members by name rather than just new members


  • # is now optional when searching tags


  • Fixed streak calculation
  • Fixed stats calculation being one war behind
  • Many dependency updates (please report if you see issues)


  • Fixed war filter menu on clan member page (all and sixers now working)
  • Current and past wars now show score rather than versus in header
  • Fixed an issue logging really old wars
  • Clan score and stats is now based on last 10 wars
  • Clan stats now include current and longest streak statistic
  • Fixed missed attacks stat
  • New menus to support arranged wars (some menu items still disabled)
  • New notify strike from the war menu


  • New activate button on war setup screen to easily activate war
  • Unknown spots in war lineup now show as red
  • Links in marching orders are now clickable
  • Changed wording "Exit (deactivate)" to "Leave (deactivate)"
  • New message on war setup when lineup isn't ready
  • Quick draft menu moved to main wars list to reduce clicks
  • Wars that are quick drafted now have entry form for quickly following up after searching completes
  • When entering enemy tag, you don't need to proactively push the search button prior to save


  • Added quick war option when drafting a new war
  • New quick code for when searching random match (25v = draft new 25 vs 25 war)


  • Added TH11 to quick enemy menu
  • Reduced number of progress bars animating (better battery life for mobile users)


  • Added Facebook login support


  • Added Twitter login support
  • In-game clan data is now refreshed periodically


  • Strikes link fixed
  • Strikes updated to newer dropdown style
  • Strikes now expire


  • Fixed quick codes on war lineup edits


  • Tweaked quick code on war lineups to allow parenthesis (unless it the first character is a token)


  • On enemy lineup, townhall level will automatically apply to all ranks below until next townhall level is specified