W L T 6

League commands

Pro feature

Get information about your league and track standings, top members, rosters, and transfers

This feature is in preview. If you'd like to discuss how this feature is built, please visit our discord.

View league info and get results

List the leagues and their codes
!wm leagues
List the current standings
!wm invite standings
List standings for BK division
!wm invite standings BKD
List the schedule
!wm invite schedule
List our matches for the season
!wm invite matches
List all matches for week 1
!wm invite matches w1
List current week results
!wm invite results
List the results for week 3
!wm invite results w3
Enable result notifications
!wm invite notify
Disable result notifications
!wm invite mute

Check statistics

Show the stat summary for league or group
.invite stats
.invite stats bkc
List the top attackers in the league
!invite top
!invite top bkc
!invite top 10v10
!invite top 11v10
List the top clans by attack type
!invite topclans 10v10
!invite topclans 11v10
Attention League Admins

If you are looking to setup or manage a league, please view our league management documentation.


Coming soon