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  • Please request/report in live chat and remind me if I forget to add it here
  • Need a way to add a misc. note about a war member usually regarding their performance (flippedcracker)
  • Need a way to track bases, especially historic bases and how they were attacked in past wars (Colonel Mustard and flippedcracker)
  • Need to have bot announce key events (war started, war ended, call expiring, custom squad events)
  • Need a way to hold a target so it can't be called (Justin (NF))
  • Need a way to navigate between members without having to go back to the list (flippedcracker and stacey)
  • Need a better way to see who has attacks left using the bot like !wm attacks or !wm lineup 9 attacks
  • Need to add destruction % to marching orders and !wm status for close wars (drjam)
  • Profile should be refreshed when using !wm profile command
  • Need to remind users to update their gold weight when it is stale
  • Need a bot command to show enemy lineup including war weight and hero level of the enemy (Stacey)
  • Need a drag drop feature to easily reorder attacks
  • Need timed reminders that pings people in the lineup when they haven't attacked (Teske22 & Lethal Clasher)
  • Need to add tags to export data (Flipped)
  • Need a bot command to set roles (nkryptic)
  • Need a short code rather !wm primary for working with multiple villages
  • Have !wm wars show your war rank so you know how to make calls and log attacks
  • Make it easier to call and log on behalf by using name rather than rank (Interrupt)
  • Need a way to quickly update an entire list of weights (Shanewjj)
  • Need to add shorter call timers for mini-wars 15min, 30min (Shanewjj)
  • Need to finish weight stats area on the war screen
  • Need to be more relevant when viewing marching orders and only show all with a broad command like !wm march all
  • Need to let the !wm list commands support filtering based on TH level (Shanewjj)
  • Need to let all the bot commands to have an optional @mention at the end (interrupt)
  • Need to filter already added names when updating the roster (archer)
  • Need to filter members who have already made both attacks in the "call on behalf of" screen (archer)
  • Need !wm defendsthat shows defenses in war so we know which defenses are left to log (bones)
  • Need a way to track downtime of heros across the clan and be able to list villages with heros down (Teske22)
  • Need to cancel any remaining calls for that member if they have both attacks already and cancel calls on a base already 3* (Mike)
  • Need to make it easier to delete an attack (Mike)
  • Need to better support deep links to areas of the site (flipped)
  • Need a way to identify .5 in the lineup
  • Need a way to have custom groupings of members
  • Need option to sync permissions with !wm refresh where leader/co = owner and elder = editor
  • Need !wm profile Bob to see profile of another player
  • Need a better way for people to combine duplicate villages (flipped)
  • Need to restrict TH levels from opting in when comp is set, any TH level not in the comp can't rsvp in (flipped)
  • Need to fix when multiple villages with the same name and you try to use tag but it fails (flipped)
  • Need a cumulative stat screen that combines stats across clans for a single village (Shangewjj)
  • Need a move attack before other attack on this base or allow move up/down from march (nkryptic)
  • Need a way to remove a clan from your own dashboard (archer)
  • Revamp the bot marching orders to have your own village(s) highlighted and don't show orders for villages that have used both attacks (flipped)
  • Need more flex timers on calls, specifically, 1/6 (flipped)

Technical debt

  • Need to clean up members that are old and have no wars logged
  • Need to encourage older members with temporary tags to update to in-game tag
  • Need to optimize logging a war, it is currently database intensive
  • Need to fix web refreshing when changes happen via bot
  • Need to fix double refreshes when changes happen (this should almost double performance of site)
  • Need to optimize war screens to reduce payload and also enable compression
  • Need to allow people to change their account name so leaders can't see their login name
  • Need to fix clan now showing on dashboard after being claimed
  • Need to fix villages that have "<" or ">" in name as app thinks those are dangerous characters
  • Need to verify promotions can only come from higher up
  • Downplay need to update townhall/hero levels now that profile is automatic