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WarMatch Features

Your clan can unlock powerful features by supporting us through Patreon. All members of your clan can combine pledges to reach the goal of each feature level. As pro features put heavy stress on our servers, it is paramount that stronger and more advanced clans help support our service.

Feature Basic Pro Elite Description
Chat bot (wmbot)
1 agent
2 agents
5 agents
Beta Add wmbot to Discord or GroupMe. We have 50 commands for managing your wars and clan members. Make calls, lock bases, set scouts & bullies, give kudos, and many more.
Automatic war data
30 min
10 min
4 min
Beta Automatically load war log, setup war rosters, and log attacks using the Supercell API data. We load attack data periodically, and twice as fast near war-end.
Export attack data
1 war
10 wars
all wars
Export detailed attack and defense data for each war. For spreadsheet geeks, you can use the data to create graphs, hit-rates, scout-rates, bully-rates, etc.
Custom war whoops, shout-outs
1 custom
5 custom
99 custom
Coming soon Setup custom messages during war events. You can have the bot kick-off the WOOOO-train or shame a bully fail.
Lock bases from being called
Coming soon Lock a base from being called. Many clans like to set a base aside for hitting later in war.
Automatic bully and scout rules
Coming soon Automatically mark bully and scout attacks based on your own rules for scoring.
Call expiring and attack reminders
Coming soon Enable the bot to tag members in chat when their call is expiring or their attack window is closing.
War-weight stats and insights
Coming soon Compare war weights with the opposing clan (if they use warmatch too) so you can see how balanced the war is.