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WarMatch Features

Basic Basic features are available to all clans at no cost. These features include core functionality of the website and bot.
Pro Pro features expand the functionality of the website and bot and help serious war clans do their business.
Elite Elite features offer high-end functionality for top clans that compete at the highest levels.
This is preliminary documentation. The funding model for new features is still in development.

Frequently asked questions

How do you upgrade a clan to have pro and elite features?

Any member of your clan can upgrade by using credits from Patreon pledges or direct funding. See upgrades.

Is the feature upgraded permanently?

Features are upgraded on a month-by-month basis. You can prepay for months ahead of time or use Patreon pledges for automatic funding.

How do you know if a clan has a feature upgraded?

Please see the clan features tab.

Do upgraded features apply to feeder clans?

Each feature must be upgraded for each clan.

Buy Upgrades

Additional bot agents   New Coming soon

Setup additional bot agents for example, a leaders only channel or have the bot on both discord and groupme.

Automatic war data   New Beta

Automatically load war log, setup war rosters, and log attacks using the Supercell API data. We load attacks hourly. → Learn more

Call expiring/attack reminders   New Coming soon

Enable the bot to tag members in chat when their call is expiring or their attack window is closing. → Learn more

Chat bot (wmbot)  

Add wmbot to Discord or GroupMe. We have 50 commands for managing your wars and clan members. Make calls, lock bases, set scouts & bullies, give kudos, and many more. → Learn more

Clan member scoring  

Score members based on their offensive and (optionally) defensive performance. Exclude members from being scored when they have bully or scouting attacks. → Learn more

Custom score rules (bully/scout)   New Coming soon

Automatically mark bully and scout attacks based on your own rules for scoring. → Learn more

Custom war whoops, shout-outs   New Coming soon

Setup custom messages during war events. You can have the bot kick-off the WOOOO-train or shame a bully fail. → Learn more

Export all data   New Coming soon

Export all attack data and war data ever collected. You can access a complete dump of all data captured. → Learn more

Export recent data   New

Export detailed attack and defense data for up to 10 wars. Great for spreadsheet geeks to create graphs of hit-rates, scout-rates, bully-rates, etc. → Learn more

Fast attack refresh   New Beta

Load war attack data much faster, usually within 10 minutes.

League manage commands   New Beta

Get information about your league and allow league managers (ninjas) to setup schedule, enter results, replace clans, forfeit matches, etc. → Learn more

Live-stream league info   New Beta

Get information about the ongoing league matches and get the stats for the war you are broadcasting. → Learn more

Lock bases from calls   New Coming soon

Lock a base from being called. Many clans like to set a base aside for hitting later in war. → Learn more