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Track clan stats by logging attacks

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Competitive war clans can gain an advantage by tracking clan member performance. If you want to be a top war clan, you need great attackers and great defenders. WarMatch.Us allows you to see exactly how a member is contributing to war. We encourage clans to log all attacks in a war so we can calculate statistics on both the offensive and defensive side of a battle.

Clan member stats are based on last 10 wars (in some cases last 20 attacks). This allows players to see their improvement over time and allows players to opt-in/out of war as needed. WarMatch.Us will also track participation in war so you can manage your clan effectively.

Owners have full control over the privacy of their clan data. By default, we hide recent war enemies and start/end times of wars to prevent hunting, base research, etc.

Finally, we automatically build a profile for each user and you can track gold weight so leaders can plan scrims, civil wars, and epic war matches.

Clan management

Active clans are very dynamic. Keep tabs by tracking members that are active, guest, inactive, striked, banned, and on break.

G Guest
T Tryout
B On Break
Inactive (gone)
O Owners (usually leads/cos) have full control over all clan data

E Editors (usually elders) can modify most clan data

Members this is a regular member with no special priviledges

F Family associated with our family of clans, treated as a regular member
call base

Call bases during war

If you've been using clash caller (or other tools), WarMatch.Us has similar functionality for calling bases during war. WarMatch.Us does require setting up your lineup prior to calling wars. However, for a little setup time, members gain a better experience calling bases and logging attacks.

Efficiently log data

NEW   We are utilizing the latest game APIs to automatically load war data.

We support quick codes that allow you to easily log attacks and defends. We recommend having members log their own attacks and dedicate a couple editors (elders) with keyboards to log the defenses.

If the other clan is also using warmatch, we can sync attacks from the other clan to save you time.

Add wmbot to GroupMe and Discord

We have a bot, wmbot that can be added to your war channel. This bot is specifically for interacting with warmatch. You may wish to combine with a more general purpose bot. Most clans put this bot into a dedicated channel.

To setup the bot, open the clan setup tab, and choose "Chat bot agents" from the setup menu.

The bot has really useful commands such as the !wm kudos which will show the top scorers in war.

Match other clans

Each clan can manage a calendar to arrange matches and friendly wars. Members can easily opt-in or opt-out of future wars and we automatically build a lineup from this information. We also collect gold weight data during this process so you can combine that with hero levels and ensure you get a fair match.

We have a public match listing where you can find another clan to match against. Or you can send a request directly for a private matchup.

Once you've matched, you can automatically draft a war with the match details.

Please visit our discord chat to request new features. We also track new/outstanding features on the changelog.


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